Most content moved here: The package for A20 Line Always On processing (and more) in HIMEM.SYS
AHCI.ZIP Patch for RLoew's AHCI.PDR 3.0 - disabled nonfunctional handler of IDE_PASS_THROUGH to prevent BSOD on SMART access
ASPI.ZIP Patch for (the latest version of) APIX.VXD (for Windows 98SE) - disabled special handling for devices on Port Driver ESDI_506.PDR .INF for Broadcom B57 NICs for Windows 9x with NDIS2 and ODI drivers v16.2.0 (130816) Patches for ESDI_506.PDR from Windows 98SE / RLoew's Terabyte Plus Pack 2.1 Patches for SMARTVSD.VXD - works for any combination of ATA channels and devices on these channels and more Port of Win 2003 USB2.0 stack for Windows 9x + 3 additions: enabled Low Speed devices overclocking, EHCI Hand Off and Silent Install
USBNTMAP.ZIP Win ME USB Storage driver fixings + adaptation for Windows 98
USBSTOR_2M.ZIP Win XP SP1/2003 USB Storage driver with large transfer buffers for speedup (like KB2581464 for Win 7)
WIN98SE_ATAPCIBM.ZIP Right .INF for PCI Bus Master ATA Controllers including those in PCI Native Mode with RLoew's "SATA" Patch/Terabyte Package
WIN98SE_UPDATES.ZIP Complete (I hope) collection of public QFE updates and some other updates for Windows 98 SE Rus and Eng with descriptions
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